Dekson E-Rickshaw Battery Manufacturers in Delhi, India

Are you looking for the best E Rickshaw Battery Manufacturers in Delhi, India then We the Dekson Battery is the right choice for you. Our company is designed and developed E Rickshaw Battery in Delhi for e-rickshaws. Dekson Batteries is known for its countless hours of service and quality. Our Company the Dekson Batteries has designed good quality batteries especially for E-rickshaw for giving better mileage as compared to others at a reasonable price. Nowadays, Best battery for E-rickshaw is gaining more popularity and we design & develop their battery by keeping all necessary points in mind that satisfy the customers & their requirements.

Dekson E-Rickshaw Battery Manufacturers in Delhi, India

Dekson E-Rickshaw Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India

Trademark of Dekson Batteries are maximum performance and better savings and that is far better than other brands and assures high performance & top quality. Dekson E-Rickshaw batteries are tremendous deep cycle batteries that combine unique material technology with generation ahead technology for the Indian market. Under the extremely hot weather situation, our company’s Best Battery for E Rickshaw Battery in India works well during the day. To keep in mind, especially a powerful delivery it is designed yet remains alive for more duration than an ordinary one ever after extensive discharge on daily basis.

Characteristics of E-Rickshaw Batteries In Delhi, India

Best Battery For E-Rickshaw In India

Dekson E-Rickshaw Batteries ranges are between 120 ah and 140 ah with 6 Months to 12 months in range. popular online casinos Our company highly made traction type of batteries both in Flat and pasted plate so that backup drops gradually not rapidly. As our battery backup is slowly so our E-rickshaw battery has a long-lasting life.  We made 2 types of batteries mainly i.e. Flat Batteries and Tubular Batteries.


Best Battery for E rickshaw | Dekson E-rickshaw battery containing many features such are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Long Backup
  • Long Life
  • Pure lead
  • Great Mileage
  • Cost-Saving

Why Choose Us- Dekson E Rickshaw Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India

Best Battery for E-Rickshaw is one of the leading Indian transports in coming future as it is an alternative of petrol, CNG and Diesel. If we want our country pollution-free then Best Battery for E-rickshaw is very helpful as E-rickshaw can go anywhere. Due to increasing E-rickshaw transport, Battery sector and way of earning boost. The main heart of E-rickshaw is battery and in India, only a few companies can make it and we are one of them. Some of the batteries are of good quality but their price is high so that Rickshaw driver can’t able to afford it and some battery is low in price but their battery is not good.

So, Our Company has decided to manufacture the Best Battery for E-rickshaw with effective cost and Qualify product. Our Dekson E-rickshaw batteries are made of tubular traction plates which doesn’t get load and run smoothly. Anyone can afford the Dekson E-rickshaw batteries in India. Dekson Battery gives the Commitment to serve the customers in the best possible way and since the long year, our company follows this. Every battery of our company goes through with some specific test so as to confirm constant services to customers.

  1. Constant Supply of Power- It gives a constant supply of power for over 6 hours.
  2. Highly Durable- The product is designed for extreme usage in tough conditions.
  3. Low maintenance- Does not require frequent maintenance.
  4. Long Life- Tubular construction increases the longevity of the battery.
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