Car Battery Manufacturers in Delhi, India

If any one of you doesn’t need to use a car battery for a while, then the best option is to store them out of your vehicle. The best way to store a car battery is to charge it up. If you leave the car battery discharge, this may shorten the life of the battery and make it not stable. For a long period of time, don’t leave the battery unused since sulfation can take place and make it fully unusable.


When you are in search of Car Battery Manufacturers In Delhi then turn to Dekson Battery. Our company has the best car batteries in India which ensures you run the car for a long time. As compare to others, our Dekson car batteries are the best and we definitely meet the requirements of customers. So, please give us the opportunity to provide you our best service and we ensure you that you will definitely get the best experience. So, to buy a car battery, come to Dekson Battery, the best Car Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India.

Want to know the best Car Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India then read this page. Dekson Battery, India’s top Manufacturer & Supplier of Automotive Heavy Duty Batteries manufacture Car Battery in Delhi, India. So, those who are looking for it can contact us freely to ask for any detail regarding the Car Battery. Dekson Battery is designed Dekson car batteries by using automotive technology and Dekson Car Batteries are made of  99.9% pure lead and Higher cranking power in our batteries ensures an “Instant Start”. So, we ensuring you that you will not face any issue regarding Dekson car batteries.


  1. Specially designed vent valves – For opening and closing at a specified pressure to release extra gas, while simultaneously retaining the required electrolyte quantity in the battery.
  2. Tough ABS Containers – Aesthetically designed and fabricated in tough ABS containers for increased durability.
  3. Imported Absorbent Glass Mat – For higher electrolyte immobilization and retention to prevent dry out.
  4. Special Lead-tin-calcium alloy – Made using special lead-tin-calcium alloy and special paste formulation to minimize gas emission and prevent water loss.
  5. Gas combination technology – Made using the latest gas recombination technology with no emission of fumes.
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