Dekson Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers in Delhi, India

Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India

Dekson Battery manufactures Motorcycle Battery in Delhi, India with best quality. So, those who want to know about best Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India can give a chance to serve them best Dekson Motorcycle Battery In India, we never disappoint our customers. Motorcycle Battery give your engine with power require to start bike. Motorcycle battery is essential for self start, indicator, headlight horn and other such functions. Everyone need best Motorcycle Battery which gives best performance of your bike.

Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India

About Dekson Motorcycle Battery In Delhi, India

Dekson Motorcycle Batteries are made up of calcium alloy which doesn’t provide oxidation. Oxidation is a type of gas that generates when put on load also for longer life. We use AGM separator which makes plates wet and it become zero maintenance because of that no need to add water in the battery. Battery also contains PPCP virgin container to avoid to get burst on high charging & with the use of this container, battery does not create lots of vibration.

Our Dekson motorcycle battery ranges start from 2.5 to 5 ah and we also give warranty of 18 months. To check whether a battery is working properly or not we put on load tester and if voltage drop below 9.5v then it is fail.

Types of Motorcycle Batteries In Delhi, India

  • Flooded Lead-Acid (FLA) Battery: This battery is also known as wet cell. It is the oldest type of battery. This Motorcycle battery is made up of lead (-ve) and lead oxide (+ve) plates with 65% water and 35% sulfuric acid.
  • Gel Cell: this battery is sealed, free maintenance and at any angle it can be installed. This motor cycle is made up of sulfuric acid mixed with fumed silica which make mass gel-like immobile.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM): Many motorcycles use AGM batteries and this battery has same exterior design to sealed gel battery but have glass fiber between the lead plate.

Characteristics of Dekson Motorcycle Battery In India

Dekson Motorcycle battery is one of the leading batteries of India. In our Company, Motorcycle battery containing many features such are:

  • Calcium Calcium Alloy
  • PPCP container
  • Heat Sealed
  • High Cranking
  • AGM Separator
  • Maintenance free

Why Choose Us- Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers In Delhi, India

As a renowned motorcycle battery manufacturer in Delhi, India, our main area of focus is quality with after sales service. So as per the quality and removes out fear of one’s mind we will give you proof that there is no difference in quality like any other top brand in India.

For after sales we have appoint dealer in various cities where if customer is facing any issues he/she can go to the dealer and on the spot he will check and give you the Dekson Motorcycle battery from stock. We make sure that right amount of lead is there in battery to increase the battery life and performance.

Our motorcycle battery is heat sealed with PPCP virgin container which itself comes out to be a superior battery itself. So go ahead and buy wisely our motorcycle batteries. We always there for any issues.

  1. Constant Supply of Power- It gives a constant supply of power for over 6 hours.
  2. Highly Durable- The product is designed for extreme usage in tough conditions.
  3. Low maintenance- Does not require frequent maintenance.
  4. Long Life- Tubular construction increases the longevity of the battery.
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